I left Lebanon during the month of February 2020, and it was a must because I had to go back to my work, well your career comes before anything right! However life have become so complicated recently, and we all had so many plans for this specific year, for me I wanted to work on a new project and to continue my studies in marketing. but everything changed and suddenly the world around us stopped without any warning, I call it the year the earth stood still, remember this alien movie ( the day the earth stood still ) I know we all do, but that’s not the point.

Due to this pandemic ( corona virus ) we were all forced to make some life changing we all stayed home for months, the Change itself knocked our doors. and kept us lost in a world with no expectations. we all felt lost and distracted, the struggle was real.

n order to live day by day and try to survive it wasn’t that easy even now it’s still the same nothing changed but we had to move on and get back to normal, do the best we can but it’s challenging, yet indeed the feeling is still the same, so far we still don’t know how the world will be in the upcoming months, is it going to turn bad or for the best! Although the reality is different, I know we all have hope and we will still believe that all this will soon fade and life will be much better; but it’s okay to be lost it’s fine feel so, we are only human, this feeling with no doubt is a preparation for the unexpected, the unusual.

We never know what’s hidden or what’s waiting for us.

At the end of the day with strength and little hope am sure that we can find a way to keep on going and move ahead in life because it’s okay to feel lost maybe it’s just the beginning of a new chapter.

to be continued …




Lebanese musical artist | digital creator | writer | photographer | business executive

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Lebanese musical artist | digital creator | writer | photographer | business executive

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