Dec 22, 2016

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we all have secrets, it is very challenging to actually keep a secret these days also it is so easy to reveal, if i want to discus for a moment the mythology of secrecy i would need another century, but the only question is why we keep secrets? why it is so important to hide facts from reality, remember one day we are going to die, death is not a secret it is the only truth in this universe, so if death is already revealed since the beginning of life, then their must be something missing in this world; but if we go beyond death to the after life, maybe heaven or hell, or maybe it is just doubts and theirs nothing after life only death and that’s it this is the end, the universe is unpredictable, we live in cycle of distraction as w struggle to survive because we are afraid to die and leave this insanity, i think the secret start from the moment we born but we never realize or appreciate, human beings are selfish creatures, killers and haters, our existence is fading, vanishing with time, sadly we do not have powers to bring it back, or to bring anyone to life, we all own the same desires, a passion for this life to improve and succeed, but we never considered death because we are scared and trapped, captivated it is a life a prison, we are all prisoners but in our brains for the idea of dying. and the winner is death, if we think deeply and focus on every detail in our lives, we will find that everything is chapping for a reason, the impossible becomes unexpected and logic is a fake theory, the escape from this illusion has only one way, and that way is to dream.

sleeping is a project that combines imagination with realty, a unique process that educate us to form a bridge between life and death, it might be a link, when people come back to life after dying and this is really happening around the world they all give different explanations about the transition, they all talk about a tunnel and a road or even when they fly over the bodies and watch, their might be a rational suitable explanation for such phenomena however science so far never confirmed any of these theories, is it that clear for religions to understand the secret of life and the connection between life and death, for me i believe theology is way to escape all the doubts we have, theological studies performed through history and united to reveal the only secret, that life is just a bridge to heaven and the evil leads us to hell, so now we live in one world and in the after life we have to survive another two worlds, so where is the secret? or what is the reason of living now; why from the first place we did not born in heaven, because eve had to eat the apple so god send the only couple to planet earth; and then after we die and go to heaven or hell we live for ever happy or for ever burning ; all these questions makes no sense, because no one came back from death and said that he experienced heaven and hell or even met an angel, if all the secrets are revealed, till the end of time, the only questions left has no answers is that why we have to die if we actually know the secret after life? or whats the reason from being alive on this planet.

Lebanese musical artist | digital creator | writer | photographer | business executive

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