Jul 30, 2019

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I realized today that the same people can manipulate your brain, again and again even after more than 25 years they can still control your brain cells. the same way they did a long time ago.

even if it happened in the past it will happen in the future, it’s happening now in the present time. we all have the same problem we all listen to people we are all controlled by people. they can judge us, they can criticize us, they can emotionally destroy us, distract our thoughts. it is unbelievable how much can they invade our lives, but you don’t have to blame them we have to blame ourselves, we are the victims we can stay this way year after year, it doesn’t matter as long as our actions belongs to others and we still trapped in the same circle, loop never ends never begin it is like time traveling in the same cycle no sense no logic.

We ask ourselves why life is so complicated why life is so hard and the struggle just continues every day ,why?

why we don’t free ourselves, why we have to listen to people every day why we just don’t decide anything without even going back to ask someone who’s maybe experienced or more talented or skilled. why we don’t just use our powers our skills, we can try we can’t just survive this life by depending on others and keep waiting and waiting for no reason we are just afraid. We are just scared to take any decision to share our opinion our visions there’s no power in this world that can actually stop us from delivering our talent to the world. I think it’s time to make a new life in new path to make your own decision, your own life to decide it’s time to be who you are it’s time to decide.

it’s time to wake up from this deep sleep from this coma we all have this kind of problem we all share the same situation we all fight to survive this mean world at work maybe, society,anywhere doesn’t matter the place,building the people it’s all the same there’s no difference the only difference is us we can make a difference we create that difference.we can invent a new cycle and make sure that this cycle belong only to us that could benefit us not them not the enemy, not the haters only us in order to survive we have to stop listening to people.

we have to stop following negative people, if you want to live your own life and your own way you have to stop listening to those people you have to only listen to your mind and your heart, you have to only follow your own decisions this is the only way to be who you are, and to be true to yourself to be honest to everybody around you; say what you want tell what you need and don’t ask anyone to decide for you

the courage is not only about taking actions or baby steps or decision making. it is all about you it is all about what makes you happy.

Lebanese musical artist | digital creator | writer | photographer | business executive

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