Aug 3, 2019

3 min read
Alaa Ezzeddine


When you reach a certain age you realize that in the past 10 years or 20 years of your life you’ve wasted a lot of time maybe you have wasted time in college or maybe in school or finding your love or maybe sacrificing your whole life for your family or your friends or your fiancé or whatever.

We are all driven by life we are all taken by Work by the income the annual salary vacations everything everything is complicated everything is so so terrifying and then at the end of the day we just go to bed and sleep and wake up in the morning and do the same thing because we have to because it is a must we applied for a job we have a fixed salary and we have to do it we have to make every day perfect but have we ever thought about only one thing is it worth it is it worth it to sacrifice everything for nothing for just a job that we don’t love for just people that we don’t trust and maybe somehow they don’t even care for us we have to realize that half of our lives are sacrifices we have to open our eyes and to know exactly what’s going on around us we have to save ourselves and find a new way to survive a new way to live in your life decisions are really hard to take it is not easy to leave everything behind and run away but you are not running away you are just looking for another future if you hate what are you doing right now find solutions look for solutions try to forget all the pain try to forget all the negativity in your life and all the negative people around you we all hate our jobs we all hate our lives and we all look for a new world and you healthy life keep in your mind that you live once we live only one time. so do it now go for it leave everything behind take your own decisions in life find a new way and run run for your life leave all the pain behind and follow your desires follow what you love and believe in your self believe that you can actually make it you can actually do it you can build an empire you can earn $1 million it doesn’t matter people will say you’re not gonna make it there’s no way you can make it it is impossible to make it but you know what you can it’s not easy we all know that my only advice today if you have a talent even if you don’t have the power you can still do it if you believe in yourself you can still do it I know that these are all the words but you can do it you can do what you love.

Lebanese musical artist | digital creator | writer | photographer | business executive

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