Today I want to tell the world about myself! Hello to my readers my name is alaa Ezzeddine Lebanese born and raised in the old city of Tyre, a beautiful Mediterranean city in the south of Lebanon a city that is so close to my heart and soul. In 2011 I graduated from college holding a degree in business administration I lived all my childhood and my teen life in my homeland Lebanon, long time ago when I was only a kid my father passed away, sadly I was too young to remember him but thank god i was born and raised in a big family, so I didn’t feel any loneliness or any kind of depression at all.

Half of my family left Lebanon in the early nineties to Cameroon a beautiful African country in central Africa. During my college days I visited Africa few times to join my family however after my graduation and during the summer of 2012 I decided to visit Cameroon to spend the summer with family but I decided to stay there and with time I got hired for a family business later on I become one the Lebanese immigrants who left there country to find Better life.

From Africa I started traveling and exploring more about the world my favorite destination was newyork city and I remember when I was young all I wanted is to visit this city it was my dream and I was lucky enough to make it possible.

Now with seven years of experience working and traveling I feel lucky and blessed to actually have this opportunity, but the struggle was always a role in my world and nothing was easy, because to achieve a certain goal and to have a good life it all needs lot of focus and hard working. This year with outbreak of the pandemic I realized how lucky i am and how blessed to have such a life. Now each moment matters for me and worth the living, to survive this world we need the strength and the power and only time can show us the result.

I know it’s not easy to reach all our dreams and climb the top of the world, but we never know what to expect, life can give us many things and the same time it can take from us everything.

This year I decided to back to Africa and join my family because that’s what Matter the world is suffering right now even my country Lebanon, but we still have hope, a hope for better life.

Thank you for reading, greetings


To the world and to my beloved country Lebanon …

Lebanese musical artist | digital creator | writer | photographer | business executive